Our Services

Full Service Pharmacy

Anchor Drugs Pharmacy carries a full line of medications and accepts most insurance plans.

Compounding Services

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications to meet specific patient needs. Compounding involves a prescribed amount of active ingredients, in a form best suited for each patient. Our pharmacists can formulate drugs, only offered in tablet form, into liquid for swallowing ease. We can make your prescribed medicine in cream, ointment, suppository and capsule form. We can customize dosages, minimize allergic reactions and improve taste - which your kids will definitely appreciate! Many compounds can be formulated for dogs, cats, birds, horses and other family pets!

3 Reasons To Choose Custom Medications

1. Customized Dosage Strengths
Have you ever had your doctor give you a prescription for a medication and the directions said to take half or a quarter of a tablet twice a day? Have you wondered how in the world will I cut this tablet in half? What if I cut it and it crumbles? Or maybe the doctor writes a prescription for a medication and wants you to take 2-3 tablets twice a day. The doctor writes it that way because the amount he wants you to have doesn't come in the strength he wants you to take. But rather than cut pills in half or double up on pills, you can now have the pharmacist make the medication in the exact strength you need. This saves you time and money! Ask the pharmacist how we can customize a medication for your needs.

2. Customized Dosage Forms
There are many reasons why someone would want to choose a customized medication. Sometimes a child or elderly individual may have a difficult time swallowing pills because they are too large. Perhaps the pills have an aftertaste or consistency that the patient dislikes and because of that the patient refuses to take the medication as prescribed. Rather than have the patient try to crush the tablet and dissolve it in water (which can only increase the issues listed above), we can compound the medication into a different form such as a liquid, capsule or maybe even a cream. Ask us how we can make hard to swallow medications much easier for you and your loved ones to take.

3. Customized Combinations
Suppose your doctor wrote a prescription for a medication that had yellow dye #6 in it and you are allergic to it. It may be the only medicine that you can take for your condition but this dye could cause major problems if ingested. So what do you do? You bring your prescription to us and we will make custom medication for you without the yellow dye #6. That's right. We can make a medication and leave out a chemical that you may be allergic to such as a dye, lactose or sugar. Ask us how we can cater to your specific needs and/or dietary issues such as making medications that are gluten, preservative, and sugar-free.

Bubble Packing

Bubble packing ensures a patient will be able to administer their medication and not forget to take a vital dosage.  We offer single, weekly and multi-bubble packs, as well as medisets. Anchor Drugs offers services to long term care facilities and hospice Agencies across the Bay Area.

Durable Medical Equipment

We are DME Accredited and are able to process your Diabetic supplies for you through Medi-Care.  We also are a community provider of adult incontinent supplies.

Medication Therapy Management

Anchor Drugs Pharmacy is a leader in medication therapy management, consulting with patients in a one-on-one consultation to review their medications, interactions and possible alternative remedies. All of our consultations are conducted by a licensed pharmacist at no cost to the patient.


We provide Flu, Pneumonia and Zostavax Vaccines. No appointment necessary.


We offer a full line of over-the counter products, therapies and remedies including natural and holistic vitamins, tea and substitutes and supplements. We carry specialized lines such as “Jericho” Dead Sea Products and Klorane skin and hair products from Paris, France.


We offer local delivery of medications, and over-the-counter products to nursing homes, long term care facilities and hospice centers. Delivery fees may apply.

Our Staff

Our staff consists of highly trained pharmacists, technicians and clerks that are customer focused and offer advanced knowledge of all pharmaceutical products. By developing professional ties to local practitioners, we are able to offer consistent superior levels of pharmaceutical care to patients in a community based setting. We are proud of our many professional achievements, and will continue to strive for excellence in all the services we offer to our patients, practitioners and long term care facilities.